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How do I book a wedding?

I book weddings in advanced with a signed contract and a $100 deposit. Your date is not secure until your contract agreement and deposit have been received.

Iā€™m only paying for myself & mother, can my bridesmaids pay you separately?

Brides are the ones under contract with me, and so all payment comes from the contracted individual. I recommend you collect your bridal parties monies prior to your final balance being due so you can then submit the payment as one form.

Is the trial included?

Trials are not included in the pricing of the wedding day services. A trial is never offered free of charge and are not required - but always highly encouraged.

When should I schedule my trial?

Trials can be scheduled before booking your wedding date, or can be scheduled once your day is reserved. I recommend waiting until a few months to a few weeks before your wedding day. This is so you can have a good idea of your wedding day aesthetic and we can perfectly pair the details together and create the best look for you. I recommend using the appointment on the same day as an engagement session, bridal portrait or shower.

How should I prepare for a trial?

Research! Go on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or The Knot - pick out looks you love and want to take inspirations from (try to pick out hair similar to your hair color and makeup looks similar to your skin tone). Also pick out things you hate and would not want on your wedding day. Make sure you wear white as various colors can alter the apperance of finished makeup. Please arrive with a clean face - that means no left over mascara or eyeliner - and clean, dry hair.

How should I prepare for the big day?

Take care of your skin and hair - this means properly washing and moisturizing your skin everyday, and try to treat yourself to some facials! Make sure you hair is heathy - this could include getting regular trims and conditioning treatments.

How long will your be available for at my wedding?

On average this is the timing I allot for,

Bridal Hair - 1 hr & 15 minutes

Hair - 40 minutes

Bridal Makeup - 1 hr

Makeup - 45 minutes

Touch Ups - 30 minutes

If there is a large party, I can bring an assistant who will help cut hair time down to 1 hour for the bride and 20 minutes for the other hair styles. If an assistant is needed, there is an additional price. Since it is typically just me I am limited on the amount of services I can do - I can do as many services as your timing would allow for.

Once services are completed, I will leave. If you interested in scheduling additional time for me to stay on site for touch ups and/or style changes please contact me for a specialized quote.

How should my bridesmaids and I arrive on the wedding day?

I ask that everyone arrives completely makeup free as well as clean and dry hair. Arriving any other way can delay services on the wedding day! In relation to the timeline (which will be discussed before the big day) I do not recommend scheduling specific people at each service block. My timelines are very fluid so while some will take the full 40-45 minutes, others may take 20-30 minutes and I will need to begin on the next client immediately after. Make sure everyone have inspiration pictures of looks they love and if there is any looks they would not want.

If you have any further questions you can ask me through the contact page.